TES Testimonials


Brandon Ramos

"If it wasn't for the TES unit there is no way I could have dried out 47 offices in 4 days."

I have had a carpet cleaning business in Tyler, Texas for the last 6 years. I have been very interested in the restoration business and so when TES had a seminar in Dallas in August of 2009 I just had to attend the meeting. After attending the seminar I was just convinced that I needed to get in the restoration business and saw that TES was the future in the restoration industry. What was amazing is how the TES system and the Reets Drying Academy provide so much support for their TES and E-TES owners. At the seminar I actually won a FREE E-TES and after using it on a couple of small jobs I just couldn't believe how effective the E-TES was! I was totally convinced and realized I needed the TES trailer. In December of 2009 I pulled the trigger and purchased a TES unit.

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Mike Toombs

"Getting companies back in business fast, with little or no interruption, is what makes TES so invaluable."

It was 3:30 am and the Red Lion Hotel had a serious emergency. With the recent subzero temps, they had a 2 inch sprinkler line freeze and burst. The entire convention area and adjoining meeting rooms were flooded with 2 inches of water.

Sunrise crews were on site within 45 minutes of the call... how's that for FAST RESPONSE! We extracted TONS of water(8500 SF) and proceeded to set up a drying solution.

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Thomas Stewart

"Less than 30 hours and the bakery was dry."

On the evening of November 24, a local franchise restaurant/bakery experienced a burst pipe inside a wall. The bakers arrived at 5 a.m. the following morning to discover the flood. The bakers did not know what to do until Pam Brown, a Champion Marketing Representative called to check on a bakery order she was scheduled to pick up later that morning. They explained to her that her order would not be ready because they had water damage in their facility. Pam quickly explained that she worked for Champion Construction Systems, Inc. and that they handle water damage emergencies. The bakers contacted the owner of the facility and arrangements were made for a Champion crew to head out and begin mitigation immediately.

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Mark Woodruff

"We have solved all of our frustrating drying problems with TES. We now dry crawlspaces in 2 days, ceramic tile floors in 2 days, concrete in 3 days..."

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how pleased we are with our TES unit. I have been involved in the restoration industry since 1989 so I have seen a lot of the "newest and best" drying equipment that has hit the market. This along with all of the drying schools that I have attended made me very skeptical about the TES system and the Reets method of drying.

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Barry Banzet

"TES does exactly what it says;'Desert Dry in Record Time'."

We have been an approved contractor for a major insurance company for the last few years. Slowly we would get another adjuster to allow us to complete drying services for them. After we purchased the TES unit and completed a few jobs in 30 hours and less, we were invited to meet in their Olathe Kansas office to introduce the TES system to their adjusters.

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