TES Calculators

The TES Evaporation Potential Calculator gives you the Evaporation Potential of your current drying situation.

Enter the temperature and relative humidity of the air that you are evaporating with and the temperature of the wet surface into the corresponding fields to the left. You can put the current condition in one box and potential in the other for comparions. You may also compare the possiblities of two different drying setups at the same time.

Downloadable Documents:
Evaporation Potential Calculator - Excel Spreadsheet
Exhaust Vapor Calculator - Excel Spreadsheet
TES Drying Documentation - Excel Spreadsheet
Protimeter Moisture Content Adjustment Calculator - Excel Spreadsheet
Evaporation Potential Chart - PDF
Evaporation Potential Chart, Expanded View - PDF
Manual Evaporation Potential Calculator - PDF
Manual Evaporation Potential Calculator, Full - PDF
Evaporation Calculations - PDF
PDA & Cell Phone Calculators - Coming Soon!