Directed Heat Drying™

The Process

The TES Unit

The TES power plant generates a high temperature in a unique heat exchange fluid. The fluid is then transferred with a high volume pump through specially-designed insulated hoses to the Thermal EXchanger (TEX) box.

TEX Boxes

The TEX Thermal Exchanger box receives the heated fluid and directs its energy (by air mover) to the wet areas, resulting in a rapid increase in the rate of evaporation. The result? The world's fastest drying system!

Water Extraction

Begin with good extraction. Whether you are using a FlashXtractor, Water claw or some other flood extaction tool, make sure you remove as much water as possible before you begin to dry. It is much easier to remove water with a flood extraction tool than by drying alone.


Place the TES Energy Plant

Secure you TES trailer or the portable TES Energy Plant in a safe location where it is ventilated and has good access to the floor damage.


Direct Applicaiton of the Heated Airflow to the Water


Carpet is dried in place (on clean water floods). By lifting a corner of the carpet and pad you are able to float the carpet, and heat is delivered to the carpet, pad, subfloor and walls all at the same time!



Using plastic sheeting and sandbags, you are able to tent hardwood floors and keep the heat contained and focussed on the problem areas. TES delivers the fastest drying times with less damage (often none!) TES dries hardwood floors faster than any other system (use with Vac-It Panels or Rescue Mats).



Dry wet wall assemblies and insulation without removing drywall with the specially designed Octi-Dry. Simply remove the baseboards, drill small holes, and insert the plastic nozels into the drilled holes. The Octi-Dry forces heated air into the wall crevises, drastically reducing drying times over conventional drying.