E-TES Testimonials

Dana Culp

"The house was dry in less than 48 hours!"

Our first experience with E-TES was a Wednesday morning at 6:30 am. Their first floor toilet supply line broke. The foyer and two rooms off each side were soaked, not including the finished lower level. The lower level was 1300 square feet and 80% was affected. The ceiling was dripping wet on to the hard wood floors. We had our hands full to say the least.

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Ed Prevost

"The E-TES is the best piece of equipment we have purchased the last 2 years. It has helped us to dry some difficult jobs more quickly than we ever have."

Last week we received a call from an adjuster we had never worked for. Obviously we wanted to make a good impression. The job was a 15x13 bedroom that a tree had fallen through the roof. There was no heat in this room and approximately 60% of the room was affected from the ceiling to the subfloor with moisture content readings ranging from 40% to 100%. The outside temperature was 34 degrees and the temperature in the room was 38 degrees.

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Hratch "Rich" Gakavian

"The E-TES unit saved the homeowner over $400.00!"

An Example of E-TES on site at one of our restorations. On this loss the supply hose to the dishwasher started to leak when the homeowner was away. Upon her return, the sub-floor beneath the Tile & Grout floor in the kitchen, the wall between the laundry room and stairwell going downstairs, and the basement floor was affected.

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