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The US average is $.0966 (March, 2011)
You can find out your state's average by using This Link.

How much to run that e-tes per day?

Your customer may ask this, so I've attached a calculator to compute this easily.  If you don't like the details or the math, just use the calculator and enter your hours of use and your cost per kilowatt hour and it will do the math for you.

If you want the REALLY easy answer, it is about 60 cents per hour (based on national average costs).

This might help to put the cost into perspective:  it would be about the same as one large dehumidifier and nine airmovers.

But if you are brave, read on.

It obviously depends on the cost of electricity in your area, but here is the math:

You need to get the kilowatts (kW) used per day then multiply by your cost per kWh (Kilowatt Hour).

Example for Middle Tennessee:

e-tes uses 25.83 amps on a 240 volt circuit.
Watts = amps x volts
6199.2 = 25.83 amps x 240 volts.
Kilowatts (kW) = Watts/1000 = 6199.2/1000 = 6.1992 kW.

That is how much will be used per hour, so multiply by 24 (hours) = 6.1992 kWH x 24 H = 148.7808 kW per day.

kWh in our area is $.0875. (The US average is $.994.  You can find out your state's average by using This Link.)

Final cost is the total kWh used x $.0875 (cost of kWH) = 148.7808 x .0875 = $13.02 of electricity per day to run an e-tes in Middle Tennessee.

Now forget the math and just use the calculator.


Ron Colling

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