E-TES Accessories

AT210 E-TES SD Smart Package Sensor Kit

Smart Package Sensor Kit

Kit contains:
  • 1 - PGE5060 Heavy Duty Moisture Probe Assembly
  • 1 - AT200 Surface Temperature Sensor
  • 1 - AT202 Air Temperature Sensor
  • 2 - AT204 Sensor Probe Extension Cords
  • 1 - AT206 Remote Exhaust Fan Control
  • 1 - AT208 Sensor Travel Bag
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    ST001 E-TES SD Charting Software

    E-TES SD Charting Software

    Graphs data to Excel spreadsheets for reporting and documentation.

    MB230 Exhaust Controller
    Thermostat control gives you the ability to adjust your exhaust air flow according to the room temperature in your drying area. Easily programmable for on-off operation of two fans with two different set point temperatures up to 140 degrees.
    PGE5060 Heavy Duty Moisture Probe Assembly

    Heavy Duty Moisture Probe Assembly

    Penetrating probes that measures WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) Percent.

    AT200 E-TES SD Surface Temperature Probe Assembly

    Surface Temperature Sensor

    Turns heat on and off to maintain optimal drying temperature.
    AT202 E-TES SD Air Temperature Probe Assembly

    Air Temperature Sensor

    Control ambient air temperature to prevent over heating and wasted energy.
    AT206 E-TES SD Remote Exhaust Fan Control

    Remote Exhaust Fan Control

    Radio Frequency (RF) signal to control exhaust fan

    AT204 E-TES SD Sensor Probe Extension Cord

    Sensor Probe Extension Cord

    10' Cord with plugs.
    AR41 Vaportek SCS Disks

    Vaportek Simple Clip System (SCS) Disks

    Three-inch fiber disk infused with powerful 3X Industrial oil.

    *Clip sold separately. AR41C
    AR41C Vaportek SCS Clip

    Vaportek Simple Clip System (SCS) Clip

    *Disks sold separately. AR41
    AT106 TES Snout Adapter - 4 x 4"
    The new Snout Adapter is now available for the TES and E-TES High Speed Structural Drying Systems. The Snout Adaptor allows you to fine tune your focused heat to the exact areas you need to dry. The Snout Adapter fits easily over the front of the TES TEX box or the E-TES 120 or 240 unit. The snout adaptor allows the restorer to utilize the 4 inch high temperature flex ducts to distribute heat to multiple surfaces all at the same time. The Snout Adapter is great for directing heat in drying cabinets, attics, or any other hard to reach areas. The kit includes one snout adapter, two 25' high temperature flex ducts, two snout covers, a bungee cord, and four vent clamps.
    AT58 PAD PIN
    Pad Pin used to secure pad to carpet around heat exchanger for air seal and improved float.
    Stainless steel and aluminum furniture stand with rubber pad. Allows carpet to float underneath supported furniture. Improves airflow and speeds drying.
    Ten pound sand bag with convenient carrying handle. Bags are used to hold carpet on tack strip and seal carpet around heat exchanger. Can also be used to direct air flow. Made from plastic lined heavy duty polyester.
    NM4402 GFCI Power Cord - 10/3 x 50'
    E-TES GFCI Power Cord - 10/3 x 50'Standard Equipment included with the E-TES SD
    NM4407 GFI POWER CORD 12/3 X 50' 120V 15AMP
    E-TES GFI Power Cord12/3 50' - 120 Volt
    NM4420 Adapter Cord - 3 Prong Range, 50 Amp
    Adapter Cord3 Prong Range Plug, 50 Amp
    NM4422 Adapter Cord - 4 Prong Dryer, 50 Amp
    Adapter Cord4 Prong Dryer Plug, 50 Amp
    NM4424 Adapter Cord - 4 Prong Range, 50 Amp
    Adapter Cord4 Prong Range Plug, 50 Amp